Our Story

Dear Concerned Car Owner:
We are continually being asked how we came up with the HailBlankets.com products. Well, quite frankly, we were tired of experiencing the fears and anxiety associated with the possibility of our vehicle investments ending up damaged by hail storms.
Hail Storm 2The fear of being miles from home or shelter, only to be caught helpless in an unforgiving hail storm, needed to be addressed. What if we were to create an emergency portable shelter for times when an impending storm is approaching, covering and protecting our precious vehicle from the damaging effects of hail?
The research began. In our initial research, we found that many companies have attempted to create hail resistant covers, with less than acceptable results. We experimented with various types of polyurethanes, polymers, fabrics, air baffles and chambers, etc. After extensive testing and experimentation, we concluded that there were just no existing materials commercially available to accomplish or satisfy our goal to reduce the damaging effects of hail on vehicles. The decision was made to create our own. Through extensive research, it was decided that a combination of materials would offer the results we were looking for.
It is no secret that we ended up with four layers of different density materials, and a combination of fabrics to create the successful defense force, impact resistance required to reduce exposure to damaging hail. Our HailBlankets™ consist of a thick outer layer digressing to softer interior layers which are designed to decelerate the hail and reduce impact.
We hope you enjoy years of comfort knowing you have chosen HailBlanket™ protection with our exclusive HD-Block™ underlayment for your vehicle.
We thank you for purchasing what we feel is the finest portable hail protection on the market today!
The Staff and Management of HailBlankets.com